Many introverts can experience isolation, feeling alone in an extroverted world. At Inside Strategies I want to empower introverts to recognise their introvert strengths and design personalised action plans to achieve success.

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"·      Working with Aoife was my first foray into what it means to be introverted. I found it highly interesting and much of it resonated with my experiences. Aoife had an excellent understanding of introversion and was able to translate that into an engaging and informative session. Most importantly, she offered pragmatic and actionable advice as to how we could find success in the business world while still accepting our differences".

- Mark. (Webinar Attendee)

Hi, I’m Aoife Lenox.

With more than twenty years in business and entrepreneurship and as an introvert I understand first hand the challenges you may be facing.

I have designed this course based on extensive research around the theory of introversion, practical applications from the business world and experience garnered during my graduate education in business, communication and training.